“Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. Its roots lie in the traditions and ceremonies of the medieval stonemasons who built our cathedrals and castles. Some rituals are still celebrated today”.
United Grand Lodge

There are over 200,000 Freemasons belonging to more than 7,000 Lodges throughout England and Wales and Districts overseas. There are approximately 6 million members worldwide.

It was founded by Cambridge Freemasons’ and Consecrated in October 1939 by Sir John Edward Kynaston Studd OBE, the Provincial Grand Master, from whom the Lodge takes its name.

Sir Kynaston Studd


About Kynaston Lodge

The Formation
On Tuesday, 18th April 1939, a meeting was held at The Red Lion Hotel, Cambridge, to consider the need for the inauguration of a new masonic lodge in Cambridge. Forty eminent brethren attended this meeting which was presided over by W.Bro.F.J.Corbett, P.A.G.D.C., P.M. Lodge No.441.

When submitting the proposal to the brethren, who were already members of various lodges in the Province, W.Bro.Corbett stated it was 28 years (1911) since the last lodge was consecrated in Cambridge. The population of Cambridge, which at that time had the status of a Borough, had increased since 1911 from 55,000 to 77,000, and in view of the congested conditions in the existing lodges many suitable candidates were compelled to seek membership outside of the Borough. With a view to ascertaining whether the suggestion to form a new lodge would be favourably received the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir Kynaston Studd, Bart., O.B.E., LL.D., P.G.W., had been approached and had expressed himself in favour and would be “greatly pleased to see an advancement in the masonic life of the Province.”

W.Bro.Corbett informed the meeting he had circulated a number of brethren he thought would be interested in the formation of a new lodge and had received a considerable number of replies in favour of the proposal, 25 of which had expressed the desire to become Founders.

The question of providing the necessary furniture and accoutrements was discussed. It was agreed that approximately £250 would be required to cover the initial outlay. Sir Kynaston Studd

A proposition was then put to the meeting ‘That a new lodge be formed and that the Founder’s fee shall not exceed £5.5s’ which was carried.

A Founders meeting then followed at which a Petition was read requiring sponsorship from one of the local lodges before submission to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for his consideration. It was agreed that the Scientific Lodge No.88, The Lodge of Three Grand Principles No.441 and Cantabrigia Lodge No.3532 be invited to give their support to the Petition. It was proposed that the title of the lodge be one of the following:

  • The Sir Kynaston Studd Lodge
  • The Studd Lodge
  • The Kynaston Lodge

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master be invited to make the final selection. A further Founders meeting agreed that the number of founders be limited to 60; that the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother H.Thirkill be elected the first Master; that Emulation working be adopted and that Cantabrigia Lodge had consented to sponsor the lodge.At a meeting of the Master’s Designate Advisory Committee held at Clare College, Cambridge on the 13th July 1939, it was reported the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir Kynaston Studd, had been pleased to accede to the prayer of the Petition for the proposed ‘Kynaston Lodge’ and that it would be numbered ‘5810’.

The Consecration
A total of 250 tickets were despatched for the Consecration ceremony which took place at the Lion Hotel, Cambridge at 2.30pm on Thursday 26th October 1939. The Consecrating Officer was Sir Kynaston Studd. An oration was given by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, the Very Reverend, the Dean of Ely, Worshipful Brother L.E.Blackburne. The names of 175 brethren are recorded in the minutes of this meeting, but the final paragraph of those minutes states 187 brethren were entertained to tea and light refreshment. Perhaps even in those days some brethren forgot to sign the attendance register!

Three Initiates
A special dispensation was granted for an emergency meeting of the lodge for Thursday 23rd May 1940, for the initiation of three candidates. The first two candidates were admitted and initiated up to the obligation. The third candidate was then admitted and similarly initiated. The Worshipful Master then completed the ceremony for all three candidates.

The Lodge of Instruction
The Kynaston Lodge of Instruction was formed in March 1953 by the late Worshipful Brother H.Papworth P.A.G.D.C who held the office of Director of Ceremonies of the lodge for 18 years and Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction for 23 years. He and Worshipful Brother R.Green, P.P.G.W, the Assistant Director of Ceremonies contributed a great deal towards making Kynaston Lodge what it is today, a friendly and happy lodge.

Without a Tyler
At a regular meeting in January 1962, the Worshipful Master informed the brethren present that as the lodge was without a Tyler the officers had deemed it necessary, as a matter of urgency, to apply to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for the grant of a dispensation permitting the lodge to nominate, ballot for and initiate at the same meeting, Mr.Ronald Kitson. The dispensation had been granted and was read by the Secretary stating that Mr.Kitson would be initiated a serving brother. The candidate was then proposed, balloted and unanimously elected. The regular officers vacated their chairs, which were occupied by Past Masters. This was the first occasion Past Masters had performed an Initiation ceremony in the lodge. At the next two regular meetings, Brother Kitson was passed and raised and then commenced to perform the office of Tyler, which he held up to his failing eyesight and health in 1994. At his death, on the eve of the 1998 Installation meeting on the 27th October, he held the rank of Past Provincial Grand Tyler. During later years he tyled for a number of lodges meeting at Masonic Hall Bateman Street.

Over 50 years and going strong!
On the 7th December 1989 meeting the lodge celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary and heard an oration given by Brother Revd. John Breay, Provincial Grand Chaplain on the history of the lodge. During those 50 years there has been over 144 initiations and currently the lodge is in a very healthy state, with much enthusiasm amongst its members. All augurs well for the next 50 years! At the time of writing the lodge was 65 years old.

Other Milestones
Sponsored Nourse Lodge No.8590 in 1974.
Sponsored Kynaston Chapter in 1989
Reciprocal meetings held annually with Granta Lodge No. 6179 and Nourse Lodge No.8590


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