Kynaston Lodge hold “Long Distance” raffle

The Worshipful Master of Kynaston Lodge No.5810, W.Bro. John Creek came up with a novel solution to continue with charity fund-raising during the current Covid19 crisis.

The inspiration for a virtual raffle came to him when it was proposed by W.Bro. Brian Elliott that he set up a Whats App group to keep the Brethren of the lodge in touch with each other during these difficult times.  For the younger generation this was not an unknown concept but the addition of members was far reaching and has subsequently shown that with a little guidance new innovations can be all-inclusive. 

Although it was identified that there were some, who would not be able to join this group a letter was sent to them instead to keep in touch. From this it seemed logical that under the right circumstances we could hold a raffle.  All the prizes were gifted to the event and then sealed inside clear plastic bags for 7 days prior to the draw. The draw took place on the afternoon of the 14th April and was due to be videoed and distributed to members.  Unfortunately, the technical side of this fell a bit flat (the phone fell over !!).  There were 41 prizes in total including a box containing a “isolation survival kit” and a “manual on seamanship 1937” and several bottles and other items. Distribution of the prizes to the lucky winners will take place after lock down has finished.

A wonderful total of £485.00 was raised and it was decided that this will be going to the Covid19 emergency fund that was announced by UGLE and the MCF on the morning of the 14th.

Kynaston Lodge donates to Prader-Willi Care Home

With money raised at its Christmas Festival Dinner in early December 2019, Kynaston Lodge presented a cheque for £250 to the Corunna Close Residential Care Home in St.Neots which cares for patients suffering Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS)

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a rare, complex genetic disorder that affects both males and females from birth and throughout their lives. It causes low muscle tone with consequent motor developmental delays, a mild to moderate learning difficulty, incomplete sexual development, and emotional and social immaturity, which can lead to challenging behaviours. During childhood, an overwhelming and insatiable chronic appetite usually develops which, without rigorous food management and exercise regimes, leads to food seeking, stealing and life threatening obesity. PWS occurs randomly in about 1:22,000 births and it is estimated that there are about 2,000 living with PWS in the UK

Claire Creek, wife of Worshipful Master, W.Bro. John Creek, was delighted to receive the support of the Lodge members and partners.  Claire is the Care Centre Manager and said “At Corunna my aim is to make every moment count, improve quality of life and set achievable goals, providing a meaningful future”. The 4 residents require 24/7 supervision with every aspect of daily living. Due to the complexity of the condition it is little understood and as a consequence the residents can be marginalised in society due to the physically challenging behaviour displayed. PWS affects every moment of every day – constant hunger pains combined with impaired cognitive ability, social awkwardness and a vulnerability that requires 1-1 staffing at all times. Corunna is managed by Claire with a staff team of 13 others and all of them, staff and patients alike have asked that their thanks to be passed to the Lodge.  Claire also said “It’s the donations and fundraising which help improve their lives and HFT, a national charity providing services for people with learning disabilities, are always so grateful for everyone’s kindness to those less fortunate”.

Left to right: Claire Creek, Residential Care Manager, David Cottom Resident, Haidee Young, Regional Manager and Honora Smith, HFT Fundraising Manager.

Kynaston Lodge presents results of Elafonisos Raffle to 2023 Festival.

At Kynaston Lodge’s regular meeting on the 23rd January 2020, the Worshipful Master, WBro John Creek, was delighted to present two cheques from the Lodge to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, WBro. Paul Gillingwater.

The first was an interim cheque for £2,000 resulting from the sale of raffle tickets from the Elafonisos raffle that the Lodge initiated and which has been adopted across the Province over the past few months.  The monies being an interim contribution as some remains to be collected.  The final total of the raffle ticket sales is expected to be in excess of £3,500.

The raffle was the brainchild of Bro. George Kontakos, the Lodge Junior Deacon, whose family own a hotel on the Greek island of Elafonisos just off the southern tip of Greece.  The first prize of a one week stay for two at the hotel, including a cash amount of £300 toward travel costs, was won at the draw taken at the Festive Board by WBro. Jon Cooper of Descensus Aquarum Lodge No.8655.  We wish Bro. Jon an enjoyable holiday.

The second cheque was for £210 resulting from the sale of a photograph of the subscribing Lodge Past Masters taken on the occasion of the Lodge 80th anniversary celebration at the Installation meeting on the 24th October 2019.

W.Bro. John Creek presents cheques toward the 2023 Festival to Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro. Paul Gillingwater.

Kynaston Lodge Celebrates 80th Birthday

At the Installation Meeting on the 24th October, Kynaston Lodge celebrated 80 years of continuous masonic working with eighty-one members and guests in attendance including an official visit of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Pat Kilby.

The meeting witnessed the Installing Master, W.Bro. Ted Ridgway Watt install Bro. John Michael Creek as his successor into the Chair of King Solomon in an exemplary manner.

Following the 2019 Master investing his Officers and completing the remainder of the Lodge Agenda, the Lodge was closed and a total of 21 of the 25 subscribing Past Masters remained in the Lodge Room to have a celebratory photograph taken with the new Worshipful Master by W.Bro. Tim Smith of Gild of St.Mary Lodge.  Unfortunately due to health issues the senior Past Master of the Lodge, W.Bro. Roy Abraham, PJGD, who was WM in 1969, was unable to be present. Kynaston Lodge continues to maintain a tradition, started shortly after the Consecration meeting of the 26th October 1939, of having a record photograph of every Lodge Master.  The Lodge currently has 3 albums of photographs which have been digitally scanned and made available for all members to view on the Kynaston Lodge website.  During the Festive Board a computer displayed a slideshow of all those photographs.

Past Masters of Kynaston Lodge.
Left to right front row:
W.Bro. AFJ Compton (1997), W.Bro.BD Fenton (1992). W.Bro. WM Parker (1986), W.Bro. DA Osborne (1978), W.Bro. JM Creek (2019), W.Bro. TI Peak (1984), W.Bro. BP Stops (1989), W.Bro.BJ Elliott (1996)
Left to right middle row:
W.Bro. DW Parker (2007), W.Bro. JHL Burt (2005), W.Bro. PA Langran (2003), W.Bro. PJ Henry (1999), W.Bro. TA Smith (2002), W.Bro. RM Wordsworth (2006), W.Bro. JR Bailey (2008), W.Bro. MP Crutchley (1998),
Left to right back row:
W.Bro. E Ridgway Watt (2018), W.Bro. BM Williams (2012), W.Bro. AC Fordham (2009, 2015), W.Bro. PJ Brindle (2010), W.Bro. LT Wilson (2016), W.Bro. SC Rawlinson (2017)

Twin sons Initiated into Kynaston Lodge

Brethren attending Kynaston Lodge No.5810 regular meeting of the 6th December probably witnessed a rather unique event.  The twin sons of Past Master, W.Bro. Lee Wilson were both initiated by their father into Freemasonry in what was a quite a moving and memorable ceremony.

The Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Ted Ridgway Watt, vacated the Chair of King Solomon to W.Bro. Lee Wilson for him to Initiate his sons, William Lee Wilson and James Patrick Wilson. The ceremony was carried out by Bro Lee and the Lodge Officers with precision and feeling and concluded with the Ancient Charge being presented by their uncle, W.Bro. Andrew Fordham.  Bro. Andrew presented them each with a scrolled and personalised copy of the Charge together with a copy of the 1st Degree Ritual book before introducing them to their Personal Mentor.

W.Bro. Lee Has been a working operative stone-mason since 1982 and has worked on many fine buildings across the country.  In his toast to his sons at the Festive Board he said “I am immensely proud to have Initiated my twin sons into Freemasonry.  Both William and James’ achievements have exceeded my dreams for them and bringing them into Kynaston Lodge will further strengthen their bond together and also with their new brethren in masonry”

26 years ago both boys had spent 8 weeks in intensive care after being born. After schooling at Comberton Village College and Hills Road Sixth Form College, William attended Reading University to read History and Archaeology and gained a Masters degree in Archaeology. He now works at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the very place that inspired his passion for both subjects.  James’ path lead him to the University of Nottingham after a short spell working for his father and there gained a degree in Agriculture and Livestock Production Science.  Now back at Nottingham and working toward a PhD in Management of the lameness in cattle he has a passion for shooting and is a member of the University team.

Left to right: W.Bro. Lee Wilson, Bro. William Wilson, Worshipful Master, W.Bro Ted Ridgway Watt, Bro. James Wilson and W.Bro. Andrew Fordham

Kynaston Lodge donates £300 to STARS

Following a successful Kynaston Lodge Ladies evening on Saturday 24th March 2018 where members of the Lodge their Ladies and guests raised £300, the Worshipful Master, WBro Shaun Rawlinson and his wife, Ginny, had the pleasure of presenting a cheque to STARS, Childrens Bereavement Support Service on Friday 6th April.

STARS is a local Cambridge charity which provides counselling services to young people facing grief from the loss of a parent or other important person in their lives.

Young people need time to be listened to and to speak about their fears and hopes for the future, but sometimes that’s difficult when others in the family are coping with their own grief. It can be helpful for young people to have support from someone outside of the family, to enable them to share their thoughts and emotions, which if left unexpressed, can lead to anger, disruptive behaviour and concentration issues at school.

Shaun and Ginny were very moved to hear some of the heart-breaking stories surrounding the work of STARS from Anne Streather, Service Manager to the charity.

In her letter of thanks to the Lodge, Anne commented “I was very pleased to learn about Freemasonry at Kynaston Lodge and in particular the Ladies’ Night from which your generous donation came.  We are immensely grateful for the donation towards STARS’ work with bereaved children in Cambridgeshire, providing counselling support either before or after the loss of someone significant in their lives”.

Anne Streather (left) receiving the cheque for £300 from Ginny Rawlinson

Fifty Years Celebrated by Bro. Geoff Sandell of Kynaston Lodge.

At Kynaston Lodge’s regular meeting on the 6th December, Brother Geoffrey Leonard Sandell celebrated 50 years as a Freemason.

The Lodge was honoured with the presence of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Pat Kilby, who kindly presented Bro. Geoff with a 50 Year certificate from the Province and a personal letter of congratulation from the Provincial Grand Master together with a 50 year lapel pin.

In his presentation, W.Bro. Kilby advised over seventy brethren present that Bro. Geoff was initiated on the 5th December 1968 and, although he had never attained the Chair of King Solomon, had been an enthusiastic member who had supported the Lodge, not only by a regular attendance at Lodge meetings but also the many social events held over the years.  He highlighted Geoff’s appointment in Provincial Grand Lodge to Provincial Grand Steward in 2010 and subsequent promotion to Past Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary in 2012.

Replying Bro. Geoff thanked W.Bro. Kilby for his kind words, adding that he was surprised how quickly 50 years had gone and that he had enjoyed every moment, particularly the fellowship of all the brethren.  He recalled his Initiation as if yesterday and was sorry that W.Bro. Roy Abraham was unable to be present this evening as he was the Master who had initiated him in 1968.

Before returning to his seat in the Lodge the WM, W.Bro. Ted Ridgway Watt was pleased to presented him with a beautiful set of masonic cufflinks with the best wishes of  all the members of the Lodge.

Left to right: W.Bro Pat Kilby, Deputy Provincial
Grand Master, Bro. Geoff Sandell and Worshipful Master, W.Bro Ted Ridgway

The 2017 Chris Godden Memorial Lecture

Brethren of Kynaston and Nourse Lodges jointly presented the annual Chris Godden Memorial Lecture at a meeting of Kynaston Lodge, held under a Dispensation from the ProvGM on the 25th May at Bateman Street. This was the seventh occasion that both Lodges had jointly presented the event.

A total of fifty-nine brethren, which included thirty visitors from other Lodges of Cambridgeshire and elsewhere including a five Entered Apprentices. The Lecture this year was a presentation of the “2nd and 3rd Sections of the First Degree Lecture” which was preceded by an Oration given by WBro Roger Outram, a member of the Provincial Grand Orator’s team and Worshipful Master of Nourse Lodge entitled “The Journey Begins”  The short oration proved a fitting introduction to the lectures that followed.

The Director of Ceremonies of Kynaston Lodge, WBro. David Parker directed the 2nd Section ably assisted by Bro’s Nigel Chapman, Lacy Walker and Ted Ridgway Watt, of Kynaston Lodge and Bro’s Charles Goodwyn and John Gelmini of Nourse Lodge.  In the 3rd Section, WBro. David Sculthorpe the Assistant Director of Ceremonies of Nourse Lodge conducted proceedings supported by Bro. John Creek of Kynaston and Bro’s Josh Schunmann and Gerrit van Deventer of Nourse Lodge.

A Gift-Aided collection and later Festive Board raffle raised funds for the Cambridge University Cancer Research Project donated in memory of VWBro. Chris Godden.

The Chris Godden Memorial Lecture was set up in 2011 in memory of VWBro. Chris Godden, PGSwdB, who was an active member of both Lodges and a source of inspiration for young members.  It has been running annually since that date alternatively hosted by each Lodge.

Left to right:
Bro. Lacy Walker, Bro. John Creek, Bro. Ted Ridgway Watt, Bro. Nigel Chapman, WBro. Lee Wilson, WBro. David Parker, WBro. David Sculthorpe, WBro. Roger Outram, Bro. Josh Schunmann, Bro. Charles Goodwyn, Bro. Gerrit van Deventer, Bro. John Gelmini.

Double Initiation at Kynaston Lodge’s Christmas Meeting

At Kynaston Lodge’s regular meeting on the 1st December, the Lodge Officers were delighted to Initiate Georgios Kontakos and Joel Soares in a double ceremony as their newest members.

The Worshipful Master, W.Bro Lee Wilson undertook his first ceremony since Installation in a very competent way and was assisted with the candidates by W.Bro Brian Elliott and with the Senior Warden, Bro Shaun Rawlinson assisted by W.Bro Tony Compton and the Junior Warden, Bro Ted Ridgway-Watt assisted by W.Bro Bob Wordsworth.  The Junior Deacon, Bro Richard Brindle conducted both candidates through the ceremony in an exemplary manner ably assisted by the Senior Deacon, Bro John Creek.  W.Bro Andy Fordham undertook the Initiate’s Charge to both brethren at the conclusion of which he presented them a personalised copy of the Charge. Seventy-Five brethren attended with a large number of visitors both from Lodges within and outside of the Province.  Brothers Kontakos and Soares were both welcomed warmly by everyone present and because of this shared experience will no doubt become very close on their masonic journey.

Lodge Officers and assisting brethren.
Left to right: Bro John Creek, Senior Deacon, Bro Shaun Rawlinson, Senior Warden, WBro
Tony Compton, Bro Georgious Kontakos, WBro Brian Elliott, WBro Lee Wilson, Worshipful Master, Bro Joel Soares, WBro Bob Wordsworth, Bro Ted Ridgway-Watt, Junior Warden, Bro Richard Brindle, Junior Deacon

Norfolk Provincial Demonstration Team Visit Cambridge

On Thursday 26th April 2012, Kynaston Lodge, was privileged to have the Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558 Demonstration team from the Province of Norfolk attend its meeting.  The purpose of the visit was to present their latest production “William Preston – The Evolution of our Ritual”

The team arrived at midday to set up their equipment in the large temple and spent the rest of the afternoon rehearsing and arranging the lighting and settings.   After some refreshments, provided by the lodge, all was then set for the evening’s performance.

The play, which has been written and directed by WBro. Gary W Allen, dramatically follows the evolution of our ritual by the well known Freemason William Preston.  It was presented in seven scenes starting from a meeting of a few brethren in March 1763 to discuss the formation of a new lodge.  The production, in full period costume, lasted for over an hour and was very well received by all in attendance.  The WM, WBro. Alan Upex, thanked the team on behalf of Kynaston Lodge and guests and we retired to the festive board where it was apparent from the remarks made that every-one enjoyed the demonstration.

A cheque for around £400 was presented to WBro. Tom Hatchett, Secretary to the team, and which he then very kindly returned to the Lodge for the Cambridgeshire Province 2012 Festival.

A good night was had by all.

Peter Langran

Members of the Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558 Demonstration Team