Norfolk’s Maid’s Head Lodge welcomed again at Kynaston Lodge

Members of the Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558 Demonstration Team take a bow to members & guests following their presentation.

For 29 years Kynaston Lodge has had an association with Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558. We have welcomed its members under the guise of the Province of Norfolk’s Demonstration Team to its April meeting to receive one of their play presentations. COVID restrictions in 2020 did not allow this to proceed so it was a particular pleasure to invite them to the regular Lodge meeting on the 28th April 2022 to present their latest and 49th production, “A Tale of Two Battles”

The play, which was written by W.Bro. Stuart Offord of Maid’s Head Lodge, is based on the original play “The French Freemason Who Shot Nelson” by W.Bro. Peter Racey P.G.D, who founded the original team in 1968 from a group of 1962 Masters to ‘perform Masonic plays to raise money for charitable purposes’.

The latest play details the involvement of members of General Napoleon Bonaparte’s French Navy, who took part in naval battles with the British Royal Navy, during the period from the Battle of the Nile (1798) up and to including the death of Sir Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.

Depicting the story of those events and the outcomes of the French characters in the subsequent years thereafter was well received by over 40 members and guests.  At the Festive Board following, Kynaston Lodge’s Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Richard Brindle, was delighted to be able to present on behalf of the Lodge a cheque for £700 toward Maid’s Head continuing charitable fundraising.

W.Bro. Richard Brindle presents a cheque to W.Bro. Stuart Low of the Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558 Demonstration Team.
The Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558 Demonstration Team of 2022.

Kynaston Lodge continues support to the 2023 Festival

W.Bro. Richard Brindle pictured presenting Kynaston Lodge’s latest donation of £2500 toward the 2023 Festival to the Provincial Grand Master

At Kynaston Lodge’s regular January meeting held at Bateman Street on the 27th January 2022, the Worshipful Master was delighted on behalf of the members of the Lodge to be able to present to the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro Bill Dastur, a further Lodge donation of £2500 toward the 2023 Festival.
Earlier in the evening the Provincial Grand Master had presented to the WM the Lodge’s Silver Award Festival collaret which the WM proudly wore at the Festive Board.
The Meeting was to undertake the Ceremony of Raising for Bro. Dale Roberts who, but for the first lockdown due to the COVID pandemic, would have received his 3rd Degree in March 2020. Despite an absence of nearly 2 years the Lodge Officers made sure that Bro. Dale had a ceremony to remember with some superb work.

Kynaston Lodge Rule of 6 Installation

Thursday 22nd October would normally have seen members of Kynaston Lodge assemble for their Installation meeting at Freemasons’ Hall Cambridge.  This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic everyone one of us has had to adapt and do things a little differently.  On that evening and with the approval of the Officers and Past Masters in a previous video meeting, six brethren met at the home of Worshipful Master, W.Bro. John Creek in St.Neots under a Dispensation issued by the Provincial Grand Master.

Commencing at 6:30pm in a spacious kitchen-diner and suitably robed and protected for such an occasion in these times, the essential business of the Installation was completed in 40 minutes including the DC proclaiming the WM for a further year in office, the appointment of W.Bro. John Bailey as Lodge Treasurer and the re-appointment of all Officers with the exception of the Secretary and one Steward.  The WM was delighted to appoint W.Bro. Ted Ridgway Watt succeeding Andrew Fordham as Secretary.

Following the short meeting the brethren departed in peace and harmony to their respective homes.

“Rule of Six” Brethren at Kynaston Lodge Installation Meeting 22nd October 2020

Kynaston Lodge Recovers Lost Collar Jewel

A long lost solid silver Officer collar jewel was recently recovered from an eBay vendor and returned to its rightful home.

The jewel was the original Lodge Steward Jewel presented by Bro. A.S. Barker following the Lodge Consecration in 1939 and which had been missing for some years.

W.Bro. Brian Elliott was tipped off about the find by fellow “eBay hunter”, W.Bro Danny Ellis of St. Andrew Lodge and following help in valuation from W.Bro. Jonathan Lambert, a successful bid was made has now been received and ready for re-use by the current Lodge Steward, W.Bro. Lee Wilson.

Following the generous contributions from a number of members of the Lodge toward the purchase, a surplus of £140 is being made available to the 2023 Festival.

The original Lodge Steward Collar Jewel of 1939 (Front)
The original Lodge Steward Collar Jewel of 1939 (Back)

Kynaston Lodge 2020 Christmas Raffle ….. with a difference!

Traditionally at its Christmas meeting, Kynaston Lodge holds a raffle with members of the Lodge contributing festive food and drinks into a hamper all under the direction of the Lodge’s Charity Steward.

This year, for obvious reasons, members were unable to undertake this important fund-raising project in the usual way.  However some inspired thinking by W.Bro. Mark Upex, the Lodge Charity Steward, ably assisted by one of the Lodge’s IT elves, Bro. George Kontakos and on-line raffle was set up on the Lodge website. ( The single prize was a donated Fortnum and Mason Festive hamper.

Promoting within the Lodge and across other Lodges in the Province, the draw took place via a ZOOM virtual meeting on the evening of the 22nd December when Bro. Mark’s daughter, Catherine, drew the winning ticket from the 192 tickets sold.  The winner was W.Bro. Bob Wordsworth, the Lodge Almoner, and his hamper was safely delivered on the 23rd in time for Christmas.

Bro. Mark was delighted to announce to the ZOOM gathering that after a small expenditure, a grand total of £963 had been generated toward the Festival 2023 fund. A truly superb effort, well done.

W.Bro. Mark Upex ably assisted by daughter Catherine pick the winning ticket witnessed by some of the Lodge members on a virtual get together
Prize Hamper from Fortnum & Mason

Father Installs Son as Worshipful Master at Kynaston Lodge

Brethren attending Kynaston Lodge No.5810 Installation meeting of the 28th October probably witnessed an event that is not that common.  Bro. Richard Brindle was Installed into the Chair of King Solomon by his father, W.Bro. Peter Brindle DepGSwdB, and which was witnessed, amongst others, by his other son, W.Bro Nic Brindle of Innsworth Lodge No.8751 in the Province of Gloucestershire.  Less than a month earlier, Bro. Peter had similarly undertaken Installing Nic into Innsworth Chair.

The Worshipful Master, W.Bro. John Creek, vacated the Chair of King Solomon to Bro. Peter for him to undertake the work which included a very poignant Address to the Master.

On completion of the ceremony Bro. Richard was welcomed as an Installed Master by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Pat Kilby, before proceeding to invest his Officers in a most comprehensive and competent manner.

V.W.Bro. Kilby then kindly agreed to present the retiring Master, W.Bro. John Creek, with his personal Past Masters’ jewel together with one of the original founders jewels which he is entitled to wear for his term as IPM before passing on to his successor.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bro. John had occupied the Masters’ Chair since October 2019 and had been instrumental in guiding the Lodge and its members over this most difficult period with a number of innovative fund-raising and social initiatives.

Left to right: V.W.Bro. Pat Kilby, W.Bro. Nic Brindle, WM of Innsworth Lodge No.8751, Kynaston Worshipful Master, W.Bro Richard Brindle and W.Bro. Peter Brindle, the Installing Master

Kynaston Lodge Develops Virtual Lodge of Instruction Meetings

The use of the virtual world is ever increasing due to the pandemic crisis that prevails everyone at the moment.  Keen to keep junior brethren in touch, Kynaston Lodge has developed a LoI that combines not only a much needed social get together but also has the aim of providing some “daily advancement” in masonic knowledge.

On the 17th November, nineteen members of the Lodge joined together to hear two presentations from junior brethren.  The first, entitled “The Meaning Behind Common Masonic Symbols” was researched, written and presented by the Lodge Senior Deacon, Bro. Nigel Chapman.  The second was an item taken from UGLE’s Solomon resource on the meaning behind the ceremonial use of the hoodwink and was presented by Bro. Will Wilson, one of the Lodge Stewards and Secretary of the Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club.

The meeting, hosted by W.Bro. Brian Elliott, was chaired by the LoI Preceptor, W.Bro. David Parker, and included a range of members from senior Past Master, W.Bro. Derek Osborne, PPSGW, the Worshipful Master W.Bro. John Creek, “the Wilson twins”, James and Will and the Lodge’s most recent joining member, Bro. Andy Nicholson.

In closing, David Parker confirmed that it was hoped that future virtual meetings will have similar presentations until such time real LoI’s can resume.

19 Members of Kynaston Lodge attended a virtual LoI Meeting on 17th November

The 2021 Chris Godden Memorial Lecture

Brethren of Kynaston and Nourse Lodges jointly presented the annual Chris Godden Memorial Lecture in a slightly different way than has been the tradition since its inception in 2011 and now celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

Because of the present COVID-19 restrictions the Memorial Lecture this year was held as a virtual meeting using ZOOM conferencing facilities on the evening of 22nd April. A total of 41 brethren, which included visitors from other Lodges of Cambridgeshire Province including the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Bill Dastur and one brother visiting the UK from Australia. The Lecture this year was a presentation entitled “A Selection of Short Papers on Masonic History” which was researched and developed by Kynaston Lodge DC and LoI Preceptor, W.Bro. David Parker assisted by ADC’s W.Bro Brian Williams of Kynaston and W.Bro. David Smith of Nourse Lodge.

The presentation, divided into 10 sections, was given by Bro’s Gary Carre-Skinner, Ian Carruthers, Ben Sandle-Brownlie, Jamie Donnelly and W.Bro. David Smith of Nourse Lodge and Bro’s Nigel Chapman, James Wilson, Will Wilson, James Cox and W.Bro. Brian Williams of Kynaston Lodge.  The whole event was under the Chairmanship of W.Bro. John Creek, Worshipful Master of this year’s host Lodge, Kynaston.

An on-line collection raised funds of £180 for the Cambridge University Cancer Research Project and will be donated, as previously, in memory of V.W.Bro. Chris Godden.

The Chris Godden Memorial Lecture was set up in 2011 in memory of V.W.Bro. Chris Godden, PGSwdB, who was an active member of both Lodges and a source of inspiration for young members.  It has been running annually since that date alternatively hosted by each Lodge.

Bro. James Cox, Bro. Will Wilson, Bro. Nigel Chapman, Bro. Jamie Donnelly,
Bro. Gary Skinner, Bro. Ian Carruthers, Bro. Ben Sandle-Brownlie,
W.Bro. Brian Williams, W.Bro. David Smith, Bro. James Wilson.

50 Years Service Celebrated by W.Bro. Trevor Peak of Kynaston Lodge

At Kynaston Lodge’s Installation meeting on the 28th October 2021, Worshipful Brother Trevor Ian Peak celebrated 50 years as a Freemason.

The Lodge was honoured with the presence of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Pat Kilby, who kindly presented Bro. Trevor with a 50 Year certificate from the Province and a personal letter of congratulation from the Provincial Grand Master together with a 50 year service lapel pin.

In his presentation, V.W.Bro. Kilby advised the members and guests present that Bro. Trevor was initiated on the 23rd September 1971 by his father, W.Bro, George Peak.  He highlighted Trevor’s year as Master of the Lodge in 1984 and his subsequent appointments in Provincial Grand Lodge culminating in Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon in 2000.  As well as his father, Bro. Trevor’s brother, W.Bro. Keith Peak, was also a member of the Lodge.  Bro. Trevor was instrumental in setting up and running for a number of years the very successful annual Kynaston Lodge Golf Day.

Replying Bro. Trevor thanked V.W.Bro. Kilby for his kind words and in doing so recalled a few happy memories, particularly of his journey to the Chair and ceremony practices at the home of W.Bro. Bill Parker, where it seems that consumption of cheese and wine formed a regular part of each evening!

Although not as able to regularly attend these days since moving to Suffolk, he did enjoy attending the Lodge’s annual Installation meeting.

Left to right: W.Bro Richard Brindle, WM, V.W.Bro.Pat Kilby, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and W.Bro. Trevor Peak receiving his 50 year certificate.

Kynaston Lodge hold “Long Distance” raffle

The Worshipful Master of Kynaston Lodge No.5810, W.Bro. John Creek came up with a novel solution to continue with charity fund-raising during the current Covid19 crisis.

The inspiration for a virtual raffle came to him when it was proposed by W.Bro. Brian Elliott that he set up a Whats App group to keep the Brethren of the lodge in touch with each other during these difficult times.  For the younger generation this was not an unknown concept but the addition of members was far reaching and has subsequently shown that with a little guidance new innovations can be all-inclusive. 

Although it was identified that there were some, who would not be able to join this group a letter was sent to them instead to keep in touch. From this it seemed logical that under the right circumstances we could hold a raffle.  All the prizes were gifted to the event and then sealed inside clear plastic bags for 7 days prior to the draw. The draw took place on the afternoon of the 14th April and was due to be videoed and distributed to members.  Unfortunately, the technical side of this fell a bit flat (the phone fell over !!).  There were 41 prizes in total including a box containing a “isolation survival kit” and a “manual on seamanship 1937” and several bottles and other items. Distribution of the prizes to the lucky winners will take place after lock down has finished.

A wonderful total of £485.00 was raised and it was decided that this will be going to the Covid19 emergency fund that was announced by UGLE and the MCF on the morning of the 14th.