Double Initiation at Kynaston Lodge’s Christmas Meeting

At Kynaston Lodge’s regular meeting on the 1st December, the Lodge Officers were delighted to Initiate Georgios Kontakos and Joel Soares in a double ceremony as their newest members.

The Worshipful Master, W.Bro Lee Wilson undertook his first ceremony since Installation in a very competent way and was assisted with the candidates by W.Bro Brian Elliott and with the Senior Warden, Bro Shaun Rawlinson assisted by W.Bro Tony Compton and the Junior Warden, Bro Ted Ridgway-Watt assisted by W.Bro Bob Wordsworth.  The Junior Deacon, Bro Richard Brindle conducted both candidates through the ceremony in an exemplary manner ably assisted by the Senior Deacon, Bro John Creek.  W.Bro Andy Fordham undertook the Initiate’s Charge to both brethren at the conclusion of which he presented them a personalised copy of the Charge. Seventy-Five brethren attended with a large number of visitors both from Lodges within and outside of the Province.  Brothers Kontakos and Soares were both welcomed warmly by everyone present and because of this shared experience will no doubt become very close on their masonic journey.

Lodge Officers and assisting brethren.
Left to right: Bro John Creek, Senior Deacon, Bro Shaun Rawlinson, Senior Warden, WBro
Tony Compton, Bro Georgious Kontakos, WBro Brian Elliott, WBro Lee Wilson, Worshipful Master, Bro Joel Soares, WBro Bob Wordsworth, Bro Ted Ridgway-Watt, Junior Warden, Bro Richard Brindle, Junior Deacon